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TreesTracker is a fun and simple app for tracking the growth of your plants and trees over time. No internet needed.

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TreesTracker lets you name each of your plants and capture an unlimited number of images over time. It's ideal for long-term tracking of plants or trees over a single growing season .... or over many years.

You'll never have to search through your camera roll or gallery again looking for pictures of that apple tree two years ago! It will be right there to compare to the picture you took today.

All data is stored locally on your device and there is no need for internet, making TreesTracker perfect for remote locations. No data is collected -- TreesTracker is just for you to use.

You can share your trees and images if you wish, but they are never uploaded by us. We made TreesTracker simple and fun without being cumbersome.

To use TreesTracker, just start adding plants on the Home Screen -- all you have to do is tap the "Add" button and give your first new tree a name and a description.

Every tree starts with a placeholder image, but you can -- and should (!) -- add as many images as you want by tapping the Add Picture icon. The most recent picture is always chosen as the tree's avatar. The date of every pic is recorded, and they can be viewed in a scrolling timeline (swipe up to delete a pic you no longer want). Tapping on a pic in the timeline lets you view it in full detail (in a format good for screenshots). Give the pic a long press to share it in whatever ways your device supports, such as email or text message.

You can edit a plant's name and details or delete it by tapping icons on each tree's main page. Alternatively, you can swipe left on the tree list to delete a tree and all of its pics. This is permanent, but don't worry, TreesTracker will ask for confirmation first.

We hope it never happens, but if you delete TreesTracker from your device, all of the data and pics will also be gone -- we don't collect ANY information about you OR your trees.

Please enjoy... Now go track some trees!!!